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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Experiential vs Intellectual by Systema Instructor Jamie Robson

Training with my teacher, Vladimir Vasiliev, and Systema founder, Mikhail Ryabko, is a unique method of education. It is unique because of the way information is transmitted and subsequently received.

 These two masters share Systema in manner that is best described as osmosis. While there can be a great benefit to watching videos, there is no comparison with actual, physical, and direct experience. When you feed (attack/initiate) Mikhail or Vladimir, there is a process of kinesthetic discovery where one is immediately aware of their own tension and yet, equally enlightened to the natural means of relaxation and simultaneous escape.

In many ways, this proprioceptive manner of teaching, where partner work and contact are prioritized, is superior to other means of education, such as through language or reading.

I recently chatted with friends about a similar subject and we agreed there would sometimes be benefit in training without any verbal explanations. So that the only form of communication and education is through vision and touch, promoting a kinesthetic exchange of skills.

It is this unique and special talent that Mikhail and Vladimir will both apply in their teaching to help the participants with their training at this year’s Legends of Systema in the UK.

About the Author: Jamie Robson is the founder/instructor of Jamie Robson Academy; he is the first instructor in Scotland to be fully certified by Vladimir Vasiliev. Jamie has many years of martial arts experience and work with British Forces, Scottish Police and S.O.C.A.

Thankyou Jamie,

Justin Ho
Principal  Instructor
Systema Sydney Russian Martial Art