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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Lessons from Camp (DVD) with Vladimir Vasiliev

What does it take to study and excel in fighting? 
By Vladimir Vasiliev

First, the training must be profound, challenging, diverse, and fun. Second, the instructor should possess exceptional knowledge and skill along with a gift for teaching others.

Vladimir Vasiliev is one of the most highly-regarded martial arts instructors in the world, known for his mastery in combat and talent in teaching.

Lessons from Camp put you AT FULL RANGE, presenting the defining elements for optimal response to any attack, including:
• Subtle escapes from holds, both in the field and in the water
• Unique knife disarms in the forest
• Strikes that relax, briefly switch off muscles, and debilitate attackers
• Intercepting single and multiple opponents on the move
• Smooth, effortless and precise hand-to-hand work on uneven terrain
• Vasiliev’s famous and deceivingly simple Short Work
• And much more…

Witness the power of spontaneous and unbeatable moves… And learn it yourself. 

1 hour 30 min.

OR for your convenience, the 2 Format Combo of both DVD and Downloadable for $5.00 off

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Justin Ho
Principal Instructor
Systema Sydney Russian Martial Art

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