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Monday, 14 April 2014

Train & Teach Systema (DVD) a Guide by Valentin Talanov

Valentin Talanov, one of the top fighting, health and sport specialists in the world, resides in Russia, training with Mikhail Ryabko since 1982. He is an amply experienced street fighter, winner of tournaments, KS master of boxing and trainer of international class teams and athletes.

Filmed at the famous Systema Camp in Canada and produced by Vladimir Vasiliev, this video guide includes: - the foundation of breathwork
- core and resistance exercises
- strikes preparation and delivery
- offensive and defensive leg work
- fighting on the ground
- holds and escapes
- knife disarming and attacks
- stick defense

You will learn how to start, proceed and excel in studying Systema. You will be amazed by the unique, diverse and profound drills and demos. You will be inspired by how energetic, positive and strong Valentin is.

This real master instructor gives you results – substantial and powerful – in a very short time, producing healthy people and excellent fighters.

Running time 2 hrs 25 mins


Available for purchase at the Systema HQ online store:


Justin Ho
Principal Instructor
Systema Sydney Russian Martial Art

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