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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Street Crime. A professional perspective by Systema Instructor Joe Mayberry

As a police officer for the past decade, I have interviewed hundreds, if not thousands of victims of street crimes. In most all cases, they always stated to me that they were “caught off guard” or did not see the criminal before it was too late. The majority of these crimes would have never happened if the victims were just a little more vigilant.

Major Komarov possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of psychological aspects involving criminals, their intents and methods. His depth of knowledge of the criminal mind rivals that of many high level criminologists and profilers. In addition to his intellect, Major Komarov also has the personal experience of many decades of field work, not only on the battle field but also on the streets. This adds a lot of legitimacy, urgency and authenticity to his presentations, lectures and classes, which most so called “experts” lack.

As one of the privileged to have been in attendance for this class at Systema Camp 2012, I can personally say that the topics, theories, practice and work are all top notch. As someone who has attended classes at the FBI National Academy, I can honestly say that Major Komarov’s presentation is far more superior and relevant to what is even being presented by our own national Law Enforcement departments.

Major Komarov has the great ability to present very serious subject matter in “layman’s terms”. The work and topic, even though it is very serious, is thoughtfully presented to which any citizen can easily retain and put into action.

While starting work as a police officer many years ago, I was told be a veteran officer that in order to catch a criminal, you first needed to think and act like one. Put yourself in the mindset of the criminal and then it will be easy to see the simplicity of their actions in committing a crime. It is then that we can have a foresight into their intent. Major Komarov provides us with the tools to delve into the mind of criminals in a clear and precise manner. And knowing your enemies intent is the majority of the battle. In short, I cannot recommend the presentation of Street Crime more highly.

About the Author: Joe Mayberry has been intensively training and teaching Systema since 2008. He is a USMC Veteran and Detective with the St. Louis Police Dept. Joe has extensive martial arts experience and currently teaches Police, Military and Security personnel. Joe’s school has recently been awarded the best Self Defense Program in St. Louis.
On June 22nd, to celebrate the 3rd year anniversary of Systema St. Louis, Joe will be conducting an 8 hour outdoor workshop. The curriculum is intended to enhance your power, speed and ability to survive, not to mention your armed and unarmed fighting skills. This training is highly recommended by Vladimir Vasiliev.To register visit

Thankyou for your review Joe :)

Justin Ho
Principal Instructor
Systema Sydney Russian Martial Art

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