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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Street Fighter Tests Russian Martial Art Systema

Filmed at the Systema School of Mikhail Ryabko by Systema Miami.

  This clips starts AFTER almost 2 minutes of hard striking by the same guy. Him and his friend wanted to see if Systema is real. They were experienced street fighters from Moscow. They were allowed to hit a couple guys hard to see how we take strikes with breathing and relaxation and then they were given a couple 'gentle' strikes by Mikhail Ryabko. He used just the right amount of power to let them "understand" yet let them keep their "dignity". At the end both guys were very interested and wanted to learn more about Systema. Mikhail converted aggressiveness and bullying into interest and respect. A very powerful lesson for any martial arts teacher out there.


Clip sourced from Systema Miami:

Justin Ho
Principal Instructor
Systema Sydney Russian Martial Art

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